A Woman Who Needs Pruning


There is a saying that goes: When a woman is not arguing, she is thinking deeply…mhhh. What if she is not thinking, if she is just listing for once? For the past weeks I have been waking up every morning feeling like I have been hit by a Gautrain bus. This was most likely caused by a lot of changes in my life both prfessional and private life.

During this perios of time, I have also been emotionally vulnerable. Sometimes life gets lonely not because you don’t have anyone around you but because sometimes you cannot share your sentiments with freinds as you dont understand them yourself. I am however grateful because it is in moments like these that one trully draws nearer to God.

The word says that The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and He saves those who are crushed in Spirit. I am not talking about the worldly kind of hurt or brokenness, but at times God brings us low, breaks us to make us again.

Women are generaly known for their ability to talk – we are talkers. We done run out of things to talk about. ? I dont feel bad about this, we were created this way.Even when we talk to God, we go on and one and one. I imagine sometimes that God has a skip or fast forward button when we pray so that He can just skip to the most important part of prayer.

But ladies, sometimes we pray so much and we see no answers because we are not listening. We ask God to speak to us and we don’t hear Him because we are not listening to what He has to say – we are so occupied with our own thoughts, we interupt Him. We want to be heard when all God wants from us that we shut up and listen.

So I have been learning that we can learn so much is we talk less and listen more. We can hear the voice of God more clearer in silence that in the crowd. In the place of isolation, it is lonely but that is the place where God actually works in us.

For a garden of flowers to grown and produce more fruit/flowers it must be pruined. He pruins us through His Spirit. If we actually listen to Him we can be transformed from the inside out- He can change you from glory to glory.

Stay blessed.

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