When In Doubt


Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.

Habakkuk 3: 1

Habakkuk was in distress; he had been seeing a lot of injustice and violence happening. He complains to the Lord that strife and conflict abound, the law is paralyzed and justice never prevails. He is sick of seeing the wicked restrict the righteous so that justice is perverted. Even though they are calling out for help, God isn’t answering.

After several complaints, Habakkuk decided to pray to the Lord. His prayer is simple – please God, allow me to see your works.

In recent years, I have personally found myself in the same place as this prophet. There is so much injustice, poverty, and violence in our time. People do so many senseless things, and we sometimes find ourselves questioning God’s authority and His ability to change our world.


So Habakkuk is stuck between what he has heard about God and what his eyes see happening. So he says Lord, I’ve heard about all your marvelous works and power, I’ve heard about your miracles, I’ve heard about all the wonderful things you did in the past – but I have yet to see them.


Like Habakkuk, you may feel this way. You may feel like reading the bible is like reading fiction. Habakkuk was a prophet, but He wanted to witness God’s power and works in his generation. There are many people who hear about the power of God. In the bible, we read extraordinary stories about how God saved his people from slavery.


We read about how He parted the red sea, fed them manna from heaven and even provided water from the rock. We hear about the insanely beautiful and powerful things God did in the past– including creating the world. Yet we may think – God won’t even save a child in Africa from hunger, or – He won’t save an innocent man from serving a sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.


Unfortunately, the world is a scary place. It is always throwing things at us that weaken our faith and cause us to have many doubts about the future life.

Injustice may make us question all we’ve heard about God. If you are sick, you may still love God, but what would strengthen your faith, even more, is to experience healing.


We may not know why God sometimes does not do what we think he should do. But just as is true in this scripture, God has a reason. Sometimes the reason may be because of a bigger plan that He has that we cannot see, but other times it because He wants us to truly seek Him in a stronger way than ever before, and to pray for what we desire with stronger faith in Him than we’ve had. When it comes down to it, we see throughout the bible that God’s main desire is for us to know him seek him personally, and that we trust him.


The truth is, if all you know about God is what you read in the bible and hear from people, then you can’t say you truly know God. You need to have a personal encounter with Him. God wants us to each seek Him in our own lives. But this being said, He also wants us to have faith that He can do anything that we ask.


So in the same way as the prophet, you can pray that God will show you the work of His hands. Pray for miraculous healing and divine provision. Pray that He will repeat the miracles He performed for other people in the bible, like when He healed the sick, provided oil for a poor widow, opened the womb of a barren woman and gave Abraham a son in his old age. The God who did all these miracles is still the same God we serve today.


Remind him of the marvelous works He has performed and tell him that it’s not enough to hear about them. We all need this type of assurance in our world, no matter how strong our faith it, but if God won’t come through for us when we are in trouble we may begin to doubt him. The presence of doubt is the absence of assurance.


So you need the assurance that God exists and that He is still as powerful. Pray for Him to show you in his own way. No one can ever prove this to you except God himself. Prayer will take you just where you need to be in the presence of God and that’s where you will find your miracle.



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