Single People , Third Class Citizens

Corinthians 725- 38 Now about virgins: I have no command from the Lord, but I give a judgment as one who by the Lord’s mercy is trustworthy. Because of the present crisis, I think that it is good for a man to remain as he is. Are you pledged to a woman? Do not seek to be released. Are you free from such a commitment? Do not look for a wife. But if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned.
I think this is the first time in my writing experience where I used the bible verse as an introduction… clap once; clap twice…!Anyways, back to the verse. 
You know what’s funny with Paul’s statement?  It is the fact that as a young girl you are raised with the mentality that you would grow up, meet the guy, get married and have children. They don’t necessarily say this out loud but the games we play, values our parents and church impress upon us and the movies we watch…it all seems like a preparation for marriage.
 It is something that we all expect when we grow up; it’s part of what a girls’ life is about. When you finally grow up, you chaise after many things but it seems like no matter what you achieve in life it will never be enough as long as you don’t have a husband.
 As Pastor Mark Gungor puts it: “ In church they say “Great when you are married and too bad if you are single.”  
Because of this many single, divorced and widowed people are often made feel like third class citizens. Our society has made marriage seem like an ultimate achievement, it is celebrated everywhere and to be honest, I have never seen people celebrate someone for just being happily single and loving God.
After reading the entire chapter (I encourage you to read it too)… I learned that it is great to be married but it is just as  great if you are single. I learned that God could be glorified in singleness as much as He can be glorified in a marriage if not more.
So as a single person (by choice and by chance) it is important that you know that you are not less loved or less important and certainly not less blessed than those who are married. Like the word of God teaches us, continue living as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to you, just as God has called you.
I know you want to get married and that’s great too. But if you are not married yet, it doesn’t mean that you are third class citizen in the Kingdom of God. There is certainly a time and season for everything under the sun. No matter what season you are in right now…Focus on Him.   
Stay Blessed, 

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