Take Off That Mask!

Few years ago, back in South Africa, I was leaving my apartment with my friend Terrence and his now wife Ashy going to church. At the parking lot, he walked towards me and started wiping the make-up off my face.
It was an unusual gesture, so standing there amazed, I started laughing. Without saying anything I got into to my car and went to church. It wasn’t until few Sundays later when I asked him, what was that all about and this is what he said to me: “You put so much make up that day; you looked like a dead person.”

You may ask what does that have to do with you and your spirituality? Make up is used as a tool to cover up our imperfections or the blemishes. It is used to create the illusion that everything is as good and perfect as it looks. 

Unfortunately this doesn’t always end there. We do the same thing with our Sporitual life. We are so good with keeping up with appearances that sometimes we don’t even know who we truly are.

Trust me, I understand the need to be perfect and fit in with the cool kids. So you learn the lingo and you fake the walk. But in reality you are dealing with so much inner brokeness. 

The pain that you have endured your entire life, a broken family, failed relationships, rejection, abuse, betrayal and failure.

So trying to make up or cover up what is missing within, you’ve gotten yourself into a wrong relationship, you indulge yourself in a distructive behavior trying to cover up or fit in.
Maybe you are that kind of woman we see in the Magazines, a typical Hollywood socialite. When people look at you on the outside, they think that you have it all figured out. But what they don’t know is that there are millions of wounds covered with your coco-channel foundation. 
Being raised in a broken home, survived broken relationships and making mistakes (continues to do) I have found myself crawling in my own Shane caved and hid.
So I know being your authentic self can be scary because of fear of judgment and being misunderstood. Moreover we are afraid someone might even take advantage of our  vulnerability.
But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have this amazing God who never judge us. Nothing we do or go through ever surprises him. With him our darkest inner thoughts, feelings and shame is safe. He can handle our mess.
God wants to bring healing and restoration to us. All we have to do is to take off the mask. Someone once said: “what you cover up can never be healed”.
So open yourself up to God and be honest with Him about how you feel, tell Him about your hurt. He is our healer. God can restore your confidence and put things into perspective for you.
You will be healed and restored and yes some of these wounds may have left some bad scars and that’s okay because scars don’t hurt. They are just simple reminders of where we’ve been, our great testimonies.
Take off that mask!
Stay blessed,


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