The Enemy Within

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There is a struggle that goes on in a life of each woman.



It is constant and waits for each morning to come so it can continue where it left of the night before…it goes on and on and on. It is called the INNER VOICE …
We all go through times where we doubt ourselves when our insecurities and imperfections have the best of us.

It is always that inner voice that tells you are not good enough, you cannot achieve or you cannot get what you want or what have been praying for and you cannot do that because of this and that.
There are people around us who are like fuel to this enemy within us. They will constantly point out our weaknesses, mistakes and tell us how unworthy we are and that who we are is not good enough.
As if that was not enough, the media is influencing our thoughts, showing us how to be a woman and what not be as a woman, what to do and what no to do, so on and so on.

The world has so many opinions about how women must be in general and it’s hard trying to keep us with all that.
The truth is, it is much easier to deal with people —-we don’t listen; we avoid having contact with them, we can even avoid watching television or buying a women’s magazine because we now understand that no one really looks like that in real life. We understand the airbrushed lie that is perfectly displayed on that magazine cover. We can diffuse a lie coming from a stranger or someone we don’t know.

The question is can you spot the lie when it’s coming from you?

Isn’t it such a shameful thing that we cannot run away from ourselves? But God made it this way because he wanted us to face our “demons” and strive in spite of.

But I am learning that it is not so hard to overcome the world, but the greatest victory in life is overcoming ypurself – the negative inner voice.

This voice will not stop until you make a conscience decision stop it.


It is important to consider other people’s opinions and make necessary changes. But sometimes, you need to pause and think …is that what God sees when He looks at me? Is that what God thinks about me?

The secrete weapon to quite the inner negative voice is to to know Gods thoughts, feelings and desires for you. When the enemy within attacks you need to be ready and ask yourself is that what God sees when He looks at me? Is that what God thinks about me?

Negative thoughts and feelings towards ourselves will always come. But we need to pre prepared. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

We can protect ourselves by knowing and understand the truth. What are Gods thoughts regarding my life? Because that’s the only opinion that truly matters.

If the voice comes to accuse, judge, belittle or put you down you need to pause for a second and ask yourself …What does God say about this?

But if we don’t study our bibles, we will always believe a lie, especially the ones we tell ourselves. Those are the most damaging ones.

The reason we don’t know what God thinks is because we are so consumed with the world. We know all the latest tends, politics and artists and we have no time to spare to learn more about what the creator had in mind when he designed you and I.

I am gully if this. It is the work in progress.
Remember what the word of God says: “My people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge.”
Do not believe that negative inner voice or what the world says about you.

Say to yourself I won’t pay attention to what people say if it doesn’t align with what God says about my life.
Remember this, you are not perfect… I’m not either, only God is perfect.

Just because you don’t come in the package they expect you to come in doesn’t mean you are not a blessing. You may have opinions about yourself but just be cause they come from you, it doesn’t mean that they are true.
God has accepted you, above everything else it is His word and His Spirit that should shape your character and your destiny and not man’s opinion…and definitely not the negative inner voice.


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