The Princess And The Fraud!

There is a reality show on DStv called “I Wanna Marry Harry”. The plot is like “The Bachelor”, but is about a guy named Matt Hicks, who looks just like Harry (the prince of England), and 12 American women who are convinced it’s Harry. But they don’t know that this guy is only a pretend Prince.
Everything about the show will suggest that he is the real prince- the bodyguards, the dates he goes on, etc. and he has been trained to know everything about Prince Harry and to do the same things the real prince does.
This may just be a television show, but many girls find themselves in this situation all the time. It is sad to see the real life of many young girls played out on television for entertainment.
Matt (Prince Harry look-alike) is looking for a genuine girl who will love him for who he is; but he is faking who he is the entire time- just like many men and women.
A guy who has no fear of God may do this to you- He will pretend to be what you want him to be on the outside… but you will find out later that he is in fact prince frog, and not the real prince you think he is.
Meanwhile on the show, these girls are also looking for prince charming: someone real, who will love them for who they are – a gentlemen – hallo! But the guy is already dating 12 of you at the same time- hint hint!
These girls are competing with each other for a guy they don’t even know– they just assume that because of the charade – the expansive dates, bodyguards and all the clothes he gets them, that he is the real deal. He could be the pimp for all we know.
That’s many of us girls are today. We want a real guy who will be real to us and love us for who we are- but we will not let anyone know who we truly are. We cover up our wounds and brokenness, and in the process cover our true beauty.
We live life trying to portray the character of someone we are not – going around like pretend princesses. We have the right hair, clothes, pedicures, and even right friends around us. We are trying to be the princesses of our own castle, while we could be real princesses in the Kingdom of God.
If you want a prince- a true prince – first work on becoming that princess. Allow God to be the priority in your life and let Him rule your heart. Let him be your King because He is real and He knows real.
God knows the right, true prince for you, because no one can fool God. If you are led by Him and wait on Him, trusting Him to bring you the right prince- He will do so in the right time. God is faithful at all times.
Don’t fall for the fake prince or princess. Fake doesn’t recognize fake, but real recognizes fake- and real.
By Nontobeko Cox

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