When You Feel Unsafe


I run to you, Lord, for protection. Don’t disappoint me. You do what is right, so come to my rescue. Listen to my prayer and keep me safe. Be my mighty rock, the place where I can always run for protection. Save me by your command! You are my mighty rock and my fortress. Psalm 71: 1-3.


Have you ever felt like someone was out to get you? That they did everything to make sure you don’t get that promotion you have been praying for and now they are trying to get you fired?


Do you feel threatened in your marriage because it seems like the devil has stolen the peace and harmony in your home?


Or maybe you have been watching the news and you see crime on the rise. It seems like there is no safe place to go. You just don’t feel safe at your home, schools are no longer safe and maybe just leaving your house to the grocery store feels like a drag because people have become intolerant on the roads. When your wife, husband or kids leave the house, you wonder if they will ever make it back home in one piece.


In the times we live in, we are surrounded by threats. You have seen the mass shootings, child bombers and terrorists and road accidents have become so common. When you leave your house for a meeting, you allow extra time “just in case”.


In the days of David, feeling threatened was common. The kings spent most times in battle.


When you read the book of psalms, you would think that there is no other man who was constantly pursued by enemies like David was. That might not be the case; I think it only seems like that because David was one of the most sincere kings of Israel.


We can see him become completely vulnerable with the Lord. He wasn’t afraid to express what was on his heart and mind. He perhaps understood that no one knows us better than God knows us; nothing is hidden from Him. Our worst fears and doubts lay bare, before His eyes.


I think it is for that reason; David expressed and talked to God about everything that happened in his life.


In this passage of Scripture, we see how scared he was when his enemies were after him. He ran to the Lord for protection.

We may live in different times not, but as mentioned above, life is not perfect. Accidents happen, sicknesses happen and injustice happens. There is not one person who can say that they have never felt threatened, unsafe or fearful.


Nevertheless, the Word of God shows us that there is no safer place than the presence of the Lord. When David felt unsafe, he didn’t just walk to God, he ran to his secret place – a place of safety.


Bare in mind that David was the commander of armies of Israel, he had strong men serving him.


You may have faith in the Law enforcement, FBI and you can say when I feel unsafe – I will simply 911. That’s okay, for they are here to help and provide aid when we need it. But time and experience have proven to us that all these are imperfect systems; they are flawed. Sometimes it is just a little too late.


You may be feeling threatened in your job, marriage, health and you may even be facing physical dangers you know the FBI is not going to save your marriage. The law-enforcement won’t help you keep your job. There is only so much they can do to help you.


I don’t know what you are going through, I don’t know what kind of protection you need, but God specializes in crisis management. He specializes not only damage control but one of his greatest specialties is crisis-prevention.


So if you are feeling unsafe, prayer is one of those powerful tools that will help you access the place of safety. All you have to do is run to the presence of the Almighty and place your request to Him.


Ask God to save you from the things that are trying to destroy your life and your family. Present to God the things that are threatening your faith, family and security.


God is faithful and he can do what your security system couldn’t do. He is not 911; you don’t have to wait for him to come see when the mess is done. He is always present. He is the Superhero who can prevent a mess from happening and He specializes in cleaning up messes the paramedics wouldn’t even know existed.



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